Inter-Ex 2014 near Paris

29. INTER-EX on august 30th and 31th 2014

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O August 30th and 31th 2014, the Modèle Club Buxéen (near Paris, France) will host the 29th meeting of Inter-Ex.
Modèle Club Buxéen

Inter-Ex is the world of those devoted to experimental modelling.

Starting in the eighties in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Holland a steady group of 'experimental modellers' got together because of their mutual interest:

To realise 'off the beaten track' ideas by creating own structures and bring it to fly. The idea must not necessarily come from us, there are more modellers in the world than truly original ideas. The structure is the builders choice, often based on proven methods. Than we build the experiment by ourselves. And the the great moment comes: Does it fly or not. sometimes it does, sometimes not - but this is the experimental idea we love so.

In the mean time Inter-Ex is well known in great parts of Europe.

Sausage and chips on sale at the Saturday and Sunday.
For dinner on Saturday at 10 €, you must register in advance.

We hope you 'll be there!

Please come and visit, or fly with us, if you:

  • have built unconventional models
  • are interested in information-exchange with the something different model-pilot
  • are searching a new challenge
  • or if you want to meet old friends!

Thank you, and hopefully we'll see you at Inter-Ex.


Advance booking

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