Inter-Ex 2023 at Gembloux (Belgium)

37. INTER-EX on September 9th & 10th 2023


The 37th meeting of Inter-Ex will attempt at the club
Les accros du servo (Gembloux/Belgium)
Les Accros du Servo
Les Accros du Servo

is the world of those devoted to experimental modelling. Starting in the eighties in Germany, Belgium and Holland a steady group of "experimental modellers" got together because of their mutual interest:
To realise "off the beaten track" ideas by creating own structures and bring it to fly. The idea must not necessarily come from us, there are more modellers in the world than truly original ideas. The structure is the builders choice, often based on proven methods. Than we build the experiment by ourselves. And the the great moment comes: Does it fly or not. sometimes it does, sometimes not - but this is the experimental idea we love so. In the mean time Inter-Ex is well known in great parts of Europe.

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Subscription: Did you already register? Thanks. (If not, please do so to allow the club for optimal preparation)

Road to field: - Use the following co-ordinates to find the START of the Rue de la Tombale - N 50.532984, E 4.683070 - (or follow this link) - This is the corner Rue de la Tombale – Rue des Grand Ha - Alternatively use Château Vichenet as Point-Of-Interest - Note: The access from the other side is a VERY poor road.

Registration upon arrival: - Make sure you have your insurance data available - Showing your E-ID number is optimal, this provides the club with all needed information.

Participation fee: € 5 per pilot/person to cover the costs of the club - The costs for the dinner on Saturday evening will be around € 20 per person, subject to the menu, inflation and the caterer. The caterer will attempt to provide a vegetarian option, please let us know via email if you prefer to use this option.

Facilities for camping: - A toilet is available permanently, as well as a water reservoir for having a shower - The generator for electricity will run during daytime - The club will organize a delivery of pizza for the Friday evening - Bread can be ordered for the breakfast on Saturday and Sunday - A large tent will be available for parking of planes during the night

Program: - Briefing of pilots on Saturday morning. - Free flying for the whole weekend. - We will announce times for the fat flyers and for dog-fighting. - The final ceremony will be on Sunday at 14:00 - Those who wish can stay on Sunday evening and leave on Monday


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Inter-Ex now has an international dimension and attracts participants from most European countries. We hope to welcome you soon. You will enjoy a relaxing atmosphere whether you are in a tent or camper.

You have enough time today to build a new, original model.
Good work and that the original ideas flourish while waiting to welcome you on our ground for this future event.

We hope you 'll be there!

Registration: Pre-registration is required to participate in Inter-Ex. Please fill the form.
The registration fee is € 5 per driver, to pay the day of your arrival on the field.

Insurance: Participants must have standard model pilots insurance.

Night flying is allowed.

Sleeping: Camping on site is possible from Friday evening. Otherwise, accommodation in the area, see the website of the club.

Current: Generating sets will provide 220 volts. You have to provide extensions and multiple plugs.

Water: A fresh water tank will be available on the ground. There is also a shower cabin with hot water.

Toilets: Available on the airfield.

Fun: Yes, lots of!

Contact the organization: Peter Lambooy

Where to sleep

How to find the airfield

GPS coordinates of the access road: N50° 31' 59.16" E4° 40' 59.52"
GPS coordinates of the airfield: N50° 31'46.89'' et E4° 40'31.64'

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