Inter-Ex 9. 1994

On August 20th and 21st a meeting took place in Ostrach, Baden-Württemberg that attracted participants from Italy, France, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Germany who all most joyfully experiment with building model planes.

The model flying club Ostrachtal e.V. successfully organized this top-class competition. The club put in a lot of effort, even the provisioning was ideal.
The sunny weather allowed the pilots to demonstrate their skills. A jury of 10 participants judged according to the criteria conception, novelty, innovation, construction, design and colouring, total impression as well as installation of details and flight behaviour.
It was impressive to see the planes that the 43 participants tried to start and fly! The range included the flying dinosaur Pteranodon who lived 77 million years ago with a span of 3.7 m and a full size model of a Horton construction with 2 E-engines.
Even the test pilot of the original Horten, Mr.Heinz Scheidhauer, was there to watch the successful flights of Eric v. d. Hoogen.
Dieter F. Heinlin

Best idea: Theo Gordijn, SO WATT, 1-blade-prop / Querdenker-Trophy: Hellmuth Siebarth, airbed / Best Flight: Eric v.d. Hoogen, Horten VII-V-I / Best construction: Jupp Wimmer, E-Spinne, Leonardo da Vinci / Total winner: Fred Ludwig, Flugsaurier

And now the pictures ...

Many thanks for a lot of photos to R/C Captain Willibald

Inter-Ex 1994 - Pictures 1

Inter-Ex 1994 - Pictures 2

Inter-Ex 1994 - Pictures 3

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